The Law Firm

We are a team coordinated by our partners Armando J. Ribas and Ignacio Shaw. We have been working for more than 20 years in different branches of civil and commercial law, advising our clients in a personalized and committed way. Our extensive professional experience allows us to address each issue minimizing business risks and contingencies.

Our way of working, an asset

We prioritize the excellence of our service. We seek to provide practical legal solutions of the highest technical level. We are interested in creating bonds of trust by offering a direct and personalized service, through open and honest communication with our clients.

Professional Services​




Civil Law

Our firm has been advising for more than 20 years on all types of general civil law matters. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, which has led us to expand our general practice to the different aspects that make legal advice to businesses and individuals, as well as forming a collaborative network with external specialists in different disciplines.

Derecho Civil

Nuestro estudio asesora desde hace más de 20 años en todo tipo de asuntos generales de derecho civil. Nuestro objetivo es brindar soluciones integrales a nuestros clientes, lo que nos ha llevado a ampliar nuestra práctica general a los distintos aspectos que hacen al asesoramiento legal empresario y de las personas físicas, formando además una red colaborativa con especialistas externos en distintas disciplinas.

Commercial Law

One of the specialties of our legal practice is the law of contracts of distribution, agency, concession and franchising among others. Our partner Armando J. Ribas Palau is a leading specialist in the field at a local and international level, both in contractual advice and in the framework of conflicts, negotiations and litigations arising from the termination of contracts.

Derecho Comercial

Una de las especialidades de nuestra práctica legal es el derecho de los contratos de distribución, agencia, concesión, franchising, entre otros. Nuestro socio Armando J. Ribas Palau es un destacado especialista en la materia a nivel local e internacional, tanto en el asesoramiento contractual como en el marco de los conflictos, negociaciones y litigios derivados de la terminación de los contratos.

Insurance Law

Our Insurance department is coordinated by our partner Ignacio Shaw, who has extensive experience in the field. We advise insurance and reinsurance companies in the management and care of accidents and claims, recoveries and collections, as well as in regulatory matters.

Derecho del Seguro

Nuestro departamento de Seguros está coordinado por nuestro socio Ignacio Shaw, quien cuenta con una amplia experiencia en la materia. Asesoramos a compañías aseguradoras y reaseguradoras en el manejo y atención de siniestros y reclamos, recuperos y cobranzas, así como también en cuestiones regulatorias.